May Your Day Shine Bright Ring_925Silver


시크한, 데일리, 오피스룩, 모던

[SSOFTLY Premium - Classic Eternity Collection]

Introducing Ssoftly's Premium design " MAY YOUR DAY SHINE BRIGHT RING"

Eternity rings are usually known for commemorating a special milestone in a relationship. Whether you are single or not, if you enjoy beautiful jewellery and love yourself, you must have it! "Love me more, make my day"

We maximized the sparkle with Princess cut. It isn't the usual round finishing, but a more stylish and modern mood. Try stacking style with other rings.

As a Pre-order design, The ring is produced on the order

Pre-order period till 31st May, It could be ended earlier once out of stock for prepared slot

Estimate date: 3~4weeks ( It might take more time or less due to COVID-19 situation) We are more concerned about completion but we will prepare it as soon as possible. 

-Platinum Plated
-925 Silver
-5A Zirconia
-Height: 3.5mm

-Size (D-Diameter , C-Circumference)

 US5 D: 16.4mm C: 54mm | US6 D: 17.0mm C: 56mm
 US7 D: 17.7mm C: 58mm | US8 D: C: 60mm
 US9 D: 19.0mm C: 62mm |US10 D: 19.7mm C: 64mm
*Please measure the diameter of your own ring to compare the size.
*Actual size can be slightly different from described according to the way of measuring.
*Click here to see layered ring  "4AM_Onyx Ring"
US7size for the video

Tips to maintain the condition of jewellery:

1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear
2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use
3. Pay special attention to
Gold and Rose gold plated accessories as they may discolour faster than Rhodium plated design.

4. Please avoid contact with chemicals‚ hair spray, perfume‚ lotions‚ household cleansers, pool and sea water, and so on.  It is also best to remove rings before washing your hands.

*The discoloration of metal over time is a natural phenomenon.

Buying someone a gift? Please click here to purchase a lovely gift box

Otherwise, all purchases come with a clear zip bag (can be used as a pouch).


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