Exchange & Return Policy

  • Products sold cannot be exchanged or refunded unless (1) the goods are damaged or defective due to manufacturing defects, or (2) the goods delivered are incorrect. Please check the status of the product as soon as you receive it. If there is a defect in the product, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt. Subsequent defects may not be repairable or may be charged for the AS.
  • A/S is not possible in the following cases.
▷ Loss of product or loss of subsidiary materials (e.g. ex. stone, pendants..
▷ Discoloration progresses over time
▷ Broken (ex. earring's post, studs, rings etc.)
▷ Design specific materials and finishes
  • Ssoftly's handmade designs can vary in length, color, pattern, and size. Items cannot be refunded due to minor differences in design specifications.
  • The actual product may differ from the image depending on the lighting and screen settings. When parts are out of stock, it can be partially changed to a different pendants or materials.
  • If you find any defects for replacement, please contact us within 24 hours of purchasing the product.
  • Most earrings's post of Ssoftly are made of 925 silver for allergy prevention purposes. Silver 925 is a soft material that can be bent by force. Do not force the earring studs too hard into the backing and keep it separately inside the hard case. If the studs is broken, it cannot be repaired or replaced.
  • We provide after service within 1 month if parts need to be replaced/repaired. You may be charged depending on the service you need. 
  • Repair is not available for Hair accessories 
  • Part replacement is only available when it is possible.
    If the stone falls due to weakening adhesion, After service is available. If a part is lost, it isnt available to repair.
  • Defect due to customer carelessness within the warranty period will be charged for the AS (repair isnt available for broken products, repair might not be available due to out of parts) Do not overspread the ring and adjust the size. If the shape is deformed, the jam-stone may fall.
  • Due to the nature of the product, there may be some scratches or bond marks. Returns or refunds due to minor defects are not allowed.
  • The 925 Silver is a soft metal and the Silver studs can be bent with strong force, but it is not easily crushed just by wearing it without applying any force. Spread the silver post gently with your fingers if it is bent.
  • You can change the ring to a different size only with the same design and color. The round trip shipping fee will be charged to the customer
  • Plated products naturally fade over time. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be exchanged or AS.
  • All unclaimed repair products exceeding 1 months will be cleared and no replacements/reimbursements/refunds will be made.

How do I set up an exchange or return?

To set up an exchange or return, contact or DM to IG