Minchodan Variety Snack Box[Ready Stock]

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Minchodan, Hands up and shouting!!

Like a beer sampler, it consists of each bag(not a whole box of each snack) so that you can taste all mint chocolate snacks in KR.

You can purchase each whole snack individually as well :) 

*Ready Stock

👉 Why must buy Minchodan snack box?
💙When I'm the only one minchodan so no one to share big box
💙When I want to test if it tastes good before purchasing whole snack
💙When I need to watch a drama or movie!!  
💙I am just mincho loverrrrrr
💙When i want to taste all of mincho snack.

We strongly recommend you this variety set.

Variety sampler box consists of a total of 9 different snacks (11 pcs).

Please read carefully.

💙1.Crunky Mincho ball X 1 packet (42g)

As the name suggests, it is a chocolate ball containing crunch. The combination of crispy texture and refreshing mint taste and sweet chocolate is the best.
💙2.ABC mint choco cookie X 2 packet (32.5g)

It is a mint chocolate cookie with a strong cookie scent and a mint chocolate scent. A highly recommended cookie that received 5 out of 5 from the Ssoftly staff. It is a biscuit with a rich chocolate taste and savory taste. The texture is soft, but it's also crunchy and goes well with milk.

💙4.Choco Pie- mint choco X 1 packet (28g)

It is a representative Korean snack that captivated people's tastes around the world. Choco Pie was loved by Russians a lot as well and was selected as the No. 1 gift that want to get from a Korean friend. Soft and sweet marshmallows are in between the breads. It's a snack that you must try no matter what. Actually there is only marshmallow in original choco pie. However, the mint chocolate version has another hidden rich mint chocolate in it, which is loved a lot by the Minchodan.
Choco pie is 100 times more delicious when heated in the microwave for 20 seconds.

💙5.Oh! Yes! Mincho X 1 packet (30g)

Like the iPhone and Samsung phones, Oh! yes! is a rival to Choco Pie. Another charming version of Oh! Yes! Mint Chocolate!
Unlike Choco Pie, Oh Yes must be frozen in the freezer! Mint chocolate cream is in between chiffon bread, which is softer than chocolate pie. It goes well with coffee, tea, and milk. Dont forget to frozen.

💙6.Oreo Mincho X 1 packet (40g)

You know Oreo even if I don't say anything, right? Deep into the milk a while It will be melted in the mouth. Break it and put onto the Ice cream or yogurt. Separate the cookies and make it sandwich with Ice cream in between the cookies. Freeze it in the freezer. Eat with cereal. Oreo with mint chocolate cream? Oreo mint chocolate, forever!

💙7.Hershey's Mint Cream Wafers X 1 packet (31.5g)

It is a wafers with a strong mint chocolate taste. It's soft and light, so it's a really good snack to enjoy.

💙8.Kanu Mint Choco Latte X 3 packet (51.9g)

Ssoftly staff's only one-top home cafe mix brand KANU!
You know that mint chocolate latte is expensive if you buy it at a cafe, right? You can drink the mint chocolate latte at home at a good price and easily. You can add 100ML of hot water, but for those who like the strong taste, it's good to add less water.
I also recommend iced coffee version. To make ice coffee, add very little hot water to melt the powder and pour it into the ice.
It is also good to pour into ice cream to eat like Affogato.
Add a little ice and milk, add a piece of chocolate, and grind it in a mixer to form a mint chocolate shake. No need for words. I strongly recommend it!

💙9.MUGERBON MINCHO ALMOND X 1 packet (25g)

It is the most famous Anjoo(side dish for drink) snack brand in Korea. There are many brands, but Mugerbon's mint chocolate almonds are the best in terms of taste and quality! Almond's savory taste and crispy texture are good, and the combination of sweet and refreshing mint chocolate flavor is so nice as well. It is good for health and delicious snack. It is highly recommend as Anjoo (side dish) for the beer and soju either snack. 

Unlike other brands, there is no MSG(L-glutamate),  and contains honey. And there is Korea's Official safety food certification HACCP mark.

*All snacks were selected after the Ssoftly team's tasting test. However, please note that there are individual differences in taste evaluation or likes.

*Please understand that the composition may be slightly changed due to unavoidable circumstances.

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