Lunar Eclipse Earrings [Two-two]

$26 $28
Color: Silver

The Lunar Eclipse Earrings [Two-two] are giving the perfect balance of modern and cute. Featuring a dramatic eclipse motif and sweet detailed design, these earrings are sure to bring a touch of sweetness to any look. Lightweight style makes you comfortable yet stylish for everyday wear.

데일리용으로 좋은 사이즈의 달 디자인 귀걸이 입니다. 스윗한 디테일의 디자인이 잔잔하면서도 모던한 느낌을 줘요. 색상이 과하지 않아 어느 룩에나 잘 어울립니다

🤍Rhodium/Rose Gold

🤍92.5 Silver

🤍5A Cubic Zirconia/Swarovski

🤍Hypoallergenic (Nickel Free)

🤍Size: 2cm


Romantic Korean Jewelry Brand

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Otherwise, all purchases come with a clear zip bag (can be used as a pouch)

**Please understand that the zip bag is out of stock currently, so all order will be shipped without the ssoftly zip bag but we will provide thick normal zip bag temporary. 

As part of the environmental protection campaign, one zip bag is provided for every 3 to 4 products depending on the size of the design.

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 Romantic Korean Jewelry Brand

Tips to maintain the condition of Jewelry:

1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear

2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use

3. Pay special attention to Gold and Rose Gold plated Jewelry as they may discolor faster than silver

4. Wear it without contact with water to maintain the jewelry condition for a long time. 

For Jewelry, Please make a careful purchase if you have extremely sensitive skin.
Plated products naturally fade over time. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be exchanged or AS.
 Romantic Korean Jewelry Brand

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