Limited Stainless Steel Necklace For Sales

$19.90 $26

No Discolouration! Stainless Steel necklaces. 


Those are designs we didn't launch officially before. Since those are available in very small qty, So we open a temporary purchase slot with good price for Unnies. 

*Size guide ( All designs have extended 5cm chain) 

-Layered round DIA necklace

  Cutted chain 40cm/ slim chain 41cm/ Round DIA pendant diameter 0.5cm

-Letter necklace

  40cm/ Letter pendant 1.2*0.6cm

-Triple ovals necklace

  40cm / Triple obvals pendants 2*0.7cm

-Single Round Big DIA neckalce

  40cm/ round pendant diameter 0.8cm

-Key Necklace

 40cm/ Key pendant 1.7cm

-Y styel star & bar necklace

  38cm/ short chain include star pendant 4cm/ long chain include bar pendant 10cm

-Snow flake necklace

 40cm/ snow flake pendant 1.2cm

-Stars necklace

 40cm/ Big star pendant 2.3*1.7cm/ small star 0.6cm

-Single small DIA

 40cm/ round DIA pendant 0.5cm

-Rabbit neklace

 6cm/ rabbit pendant 1.5*2cm

-Cutted choker necklace


-Heart necklace

 39cm/ heart pendant 1.3*1cm


Tips to maintain the condition of accessories:

1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear

2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use

3. Pay special attention to
gold and rose gold plated accessories as they may discolour faster than silver

4. Avoid bathing, showering or washing your hands with jewellery on


Buying someone a gift? Please click here to purchase a lovely gift box

Otherwise, all purchases come with a clear zip bag (can be used as a pouch).


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