The Cheerful Butterfly Glossy Hair Clip


It is a hair clip inspired by a butterfly that was an important item in the drama.

It is made of acrylic which is light and durable, magical gradation color is good to accentuate your hair.  

Butterfly hair accessories are also a trend in Korea currently, try various hairstyles. 


-Glossy lamination

-Size: 5.5cm*

드라마 속의 중요 포인트였던 나비를 모티브로 론칭되었어요. 아크릴릭 소재라 가벼우면서, 그라데이션의 영롱하고 시원한 컬러감이 포인트인 디자인이에요. 무광소재라 너무 튀지 않으면서 다양한 헤어연출에 좋아요.

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