Limited Stainless Steel Necklace For Sales

$19.90 $26

No Discolouration! Stainless Steel necklaces. 


Those are designs we didn't launch officially before. Since those are available in very small qty, So we open a temporary purchase slot with good price for Unnies. 

*Size guide ( All designs have extended 5cm chain) 

-Layered round DIA necklace

  Cutted chain 40cm/ slim chain 41cm/ Round DIA pendant diameter 0.5cm

-Letter necklace

  40cm/ Letter pendant 1.2*0.6cm

-Triple ovals necklace

  40cm / Triple obvals pendants 2*0.7cm

-Single Round Big DIA neckalce

  40cm/ round pendant diameter 0.8cm

-Key Necklace

 40cm/ Key pendant 1.7cm

-Y styel star & bar necklace

  38cm/ short chain include star pendant 4cm/ long chain include bar pendant 10cm

-Snow flake necklace

 40cm/ snow flake pendant 1.2cm

-Stars necklace

 40cm/ Big star pendant 2.3*1.7cm/ small star 0.6cm

-Single small DIA

 40cm/ round DIA pendant 0.5cm

-Rabbit neklace

 6cm/ rabbit pendant 1.5*2cm

-Cutted choker necklace


-Heart necklace

 39cm/ heart pendant 1.3*1cm


If you would love to order for multiple address to send gifts, Please check out additional shipping cost at here


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Otherwise, all purchases come with a clear zip bag (can be used as a pouch).


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