La Dolce Vita Phone Case In Loyal BLUE


[SSOFTLY X WINKLE DAY Collaboration]

Please read products detail carefully. 

🤍Hand drawing, Hand made phone-case, key pendant

🤍Polycarbonate, Cubic Zirconia, Metal

🤍Custom-made product, It will take 2 to 3 weeks to be ready

🤍Order, promotion until 16th Sep night

🤍Hard case, water proof, flexible, light and durable printing.

🤍100% handmade product made in Seoul

Launch Promotion Till Thursday 16th night. If you buy two or more other colors or buy them as friendship phone cases, You will get more discount.

-Price S$45 (Phone case+ Key chain set)
-Open5% S$42.75 / Coupon code[Ladolcevita]
-15% of 2pcs S$38.25 per case / Coupon code[Ladolcevita15]
-20% of 3pcs or more S$36 per case/ Coupon code[Ladolcevita20]

*It is custom-made product so the model cannot be changed after ordering. Please check carefully and order. Gamsahamnida

Attractive blue roses🤍

파란 장미의 꽃말은 "불가능한 것을 극복"과 "포기하지 않는 사랑" 이라고 해요.
정말 아름답지 않나요?
The flower language of blue roses is "overcoming the impossible" and "love that does not give up."

Isn’t it beautiful?

The blue rose was an impossible symbol originally.

Roses have been cultivated since 2000 B.C. due to their beauty and strong scent.

There are 15,000 kinds of roses around the world but only blue roses did not exist.
The reason is that roses do not contain any blue pigment "delphinidin."

But mankind continued to strive to make blue roses.
And as a result, today we can see miraculous beautiful blue roses.

This is the etymology of the flower language of the blue rose that was impossible🤍

We wish the energy of this blue rose will be full of our Unnies’s challenges and life.

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Otherwise, all purchases come with a clear zip bag (can be used as a pouch)

As part of the environmental protection campaign, one zip bag is provided for every 3 to 4 products depending on the size of the design.

Additional purchases are available at this link click here.

 Romantic Korean Jewelry Brand

Tips to maintain the condition of Jewelry:

1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear

2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use

3. Pay special attention to Gold and Rose Gold plated Jewelry as they may discolor faster than silver

4. Wear it without contact with water to maintain the jewelry condition for a long time. 

For Jewelry, Please make a careful purchase if you have extremely sensitive skin.

 Romantic Korean Jewelry Brand

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