Harmony In Memory Earrings[Crash Landing On You]

ssoftly: Korean handmade jewellery


사랑스러운 하트펜던트에 큐빅이 달려있어 여성스러움과 우아함이 묻어나는 디자인

[Crash Landing On You Collection]

-Brass Coated Rhodium / Rose Gold / Gold

-925 Silver 


-Hypoallergenic (Nickel Free)

*Item will be ready by 6 April. Please note that should your order include other items, we will only ship out the entire order after 6 April together. 

**Tips to maintain the condition of accessories:

1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear
2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use
3. Pay special attention to
gold and rose gold plated accessories as they may discolour faster than silver

Shipping: 3 to 7 working days

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