The Pink Lake Set In Silver


[Ssoftly Traveling Collection]
First destination–"Pink Lake In Australia"

It's a magical translucent heart pendant set inspired by Pink Lake in Australia. Cats Eye Heart Stone shines more brightly in the sun.

Let me introduce the blue heart that contains the blue sky of the Pink Lake.It will look good on white clothes as well and it will give chic mood and color points with the black look.
And also It's a cobalt blue color that's neither too dark nor too bright, so it makes your skin more pale and stand out.

Made of 925 silver with high end finishing, so it has a luxurious mood as well.

-925 Silver

-Rhodium Plating

-Synthetic Cats Eye Stone

 Pendant Size


Earrings 7mm*7mm
Necklace 9mm*10mm 40cm
Bracelet 9mm*10mm 15cm(+3cm extended chain)
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1. Wipe with a dry cloth after wear

2. Keep in the provided zip bag or an air-tight bag when not in use

3. Pay special attention to Gold and Rose Gold plated Jewelry as they may discolor faster than silver

4. Wear it without contact with water to maintain the jewelry condition for a long time. 

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